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Richard Branson: 'Wilde feesten zijn essentieel voor succesvol bedrijf'

09 december 2015
Nu live communicatie steeds meer aandacht lijkt te krijgen en de budgetten voor events niet meer perse dalen, stuitte te redactie deze week meerdere keren op een 'shared message' via Facebook. En wel een bericht dat over de inmiddels vaak genoemde quote van Richard Branson gaat: 'Een beetje succesvol bedrijf moet vooral wilde en woeste feesten geven. Dat helpt,' zo zei de eigenaar van Virgin in zijn boek The Virgin Way, eerder dit jaar. We namen zijn uitspraken toch nog eens onder de loep, want jawel, hij kan het weten...

Wild Parties Are Essential To A Company’s Success
Richard Branson is as well-known for his eccentric behavior as he is for his 40-year career building the Virgin Group’s empire of companies that includes airlines, a bank, and most recently a hotel chain.

In his latest book, “The Virgin Way,” the self-made billionaire says that his penchant for marketing stunts and wild corporate events complements the success he’s enjoyed in business.

“Fun is one of the most important — and underrated — ingredients in any successful venture. If you’re not having fun, then it’s probably time to call it quits and try something else,” he writes.

And in a new post on his official blog, Branson says that corporate parties are an “essential” part of running a healthy business.

Playing it safe
Everything that’s really worthwhile in life usually involves some degree of risk and in all we do at Virgin we have always reveled in taking on the seemingly impossible rather than shying away and playing it safe.

This applies as much to having a good time as to business, and we have never had any qualms about kicking back and enjoying a fun party with our people.

I have always believed that the benefits of letting your staff have the occasional blast at an after-hours get-together is a hugely important ingredient in the mix that makes for a family atmosphere and a fun-loving, free-spirited corporate culture. It also goes a long way to tearing down any semblance of hierarchy when you’ve seen the CFO doing the limbo with a bottle of beer in her hand.

To Branson, lowering the barriers in the corporate hierarchy at a fun event loosens people up in the office, which then makes the workplace more conducive to the sharing of ideas.

He doesn’t recommend your next event just be a cheese plate in the office kitchen with a few beers, either.

Take inspiration from the man himself: “If you can remember a Virgin party, then you probably weren’t there,” Branson writes on his blog.

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