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  • Hollandse kade 25
    1391 JD Abcoude

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  • Creating legendary live experiences
  • Experience architecture
  • We do what we promise, and more....
  • Making creative ideas come alive, with flawless execution and maximum impact

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Live Legends creates legendary live experiences, bringing inspiring content and cutting edge technology together. Making creative ideas come alive, with flawless execution and maximum impact. Live Legends can team up with you all the way, from your marketing goals to the moment it all goes live. Whether it’s for a product launch, grand opening, gala ceremony, your company’s anniversary, concert, tournament, or something completely different, we deliver surprising and magical environments that engage your audience with your brand. In a legendary way.  

Our production process can be divided into these three main pillars:

  • Concept
  • Design
  • Production

The services and products we offer include in these phases are:

  • Concept development and visualization
  • Content, show and music production
  • Video, lighting and set design
  • Experience Design
  • Directing and operators
  • Studio-facilities

We create shows. In all their facets. We are a kick-ass team of dedicated creatives. We are lighting designers, video geeks, storytellers, operators, creative spirits, and technical guys. And we know where to find kindred spirits to complement our team. From concept to execution we take you through the whole course of creation.

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Our Amsterdam based studios are where the magic happens. An inspiring and informal environment, our brand new office near Amsterdam has a trendy look, which is reflected in the high windows/glassware and the urban green spaces all over the place where a young and dynamic team is actively working on their projects. The office might remind you a bit of an office as you see on TV in a modern Amsterdam series. Our brand-new backstage area (office) is close to Amsterdam. We are at our best when your request reaches us in an early stage. So, feel free to contact us while you are still brainstorming. We are always glad to join in and we promise to bring inspiration and passion to the table.

From there we bring all the ingredients to our studio. We combine that with a creative mindset and technical know-how. It’s then that we are in our zone: the best control systems enable us to visualize and plan every aspect of your show or event down to the smallest detail. And you’re always welcome to join in and be part of that magic.

Cost effectiveness, non-disclosure and ultimate control are guaranteed by our in-house visualization sets, media servers, video-content suite, showcontrol desks, our main control studio and above all a global network of dedicated professionals in the field.

Work that we are proud of!

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