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Unitpool at #BOE19

16 januari 2019

Unitpool is a German staff agency located in Düsseldorf. Alexandre Sellami and Ulrich Ettinger are visiting our Events booth at #BOE19.

‘For every kind of job at every kind of event, we provide our customers with the right staff. We help our customers for example with logistics, building, constructing, catering and service. Or you can also think of sales promotors to help them improving their sales by promoting their company.’

The two young business men have a booth at #BOE19, hall 7: E32. ‘We love vegan food, because it contributes to a sustainable environment and it is also good for your health. Therefore we also like to promote it. So visitors are welcome to taste vegan food on our booth.’ They don’t eat vegan all the time. ‘Sometimes you have to compromise, when visiting family of your girlfriend for instance,’ smiles Ulrich. Well that sounds reasonable to us.

What would you like to see different regarding business events?

‘More vegan food and more flexibility. Businesses decide to join an exhibition or to organise an event, when they don’t have much time left making preparations. Therefore you need to be flexible, also in staff. That’s why they need to come to us. We deliver on short term, we are very flexible. They suggest we have to specialize our business, but we have so many options because we are young and flexible.’

What advise do you want to give to organisations that want to do business in Germany?

‘There are a lot of opportunities in Germany, the market is large. More international people come to Germany and they bring innovation. But German business is very straight and clear. Once it’s made, you have to be willing to follow the plan. Adjusting it is not very common.

What do you expect from the event industry in the coming year?

‘Technical innovations regarding digital like social media, but also special lights, screens and things like that.’

What does your ideal event look like?

‘Modern and relaxt, and we would provide everything we can. It has to be fun as well, like a congress followed by a great party.’

What is your most important message to the event industry?

‘Communicatie well everytime, use social media and be flexible. More flexibility is less stress.’ 

Door > Saskia Leeuwis

Op de foto: Ulrich Ettinger en Alexander Sellami 

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