Sabine Loos, CEO Westfalenhallen at #BOE19Sabine Loos, CEO Westfalenhallen at #BOE19
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Sabine Loos, CEO Westfalenhallen at #BOE19

17 januari 2019

Sabine Loos, CEO of Westfalenhallen Dortmund visits our stand. She tells us she is very content with the first day of #BOE19. 'Last year this exhibition was a great succes and the forecast for this year, given by German associates in the Event Industry was very good as well. The first day was already very succesful, we received good feedback. There are more visitors than last year and the quility on both sides, exhibitors and visitors, is high. Hall 8 with the live acts is very popular.'

How do you describe the German event industry?

'The event industry for this show, #BOE19, is quite young. For this industry it is very important to develop itself and that is exactly what is happening. Compared to a couple of years ago, the event companies are more professional in organising. First the focus was for example on technical equipment, but that is only one part of the organisation. Now they develop a whole concept including goals, they develop live communication. Also the clients expactations are higher than three years ago. And that makes it necessary to improve.'

What do you want to say to the Dutch event industry?

'In the future I expect more Dutch event companies will enter the German market. Germany is very interesting for Holland. We would like to invite them all to BOE, to get a complete overview of the market and learn the needs of the German customer. I expect that more companies will exhibit on BOE in the future and also the number of visitors will increase as well.

How does #BOE19 contribute to this development?

We try to assist the event companies getting ideas at this show by visiting booths and several forums, so they will become better and more complete in matching the expectations of their customers.'

What are your ambitions for Westfalenhallen Dortmund?

'We have invested 35 million euros in renovation. We are creating a new entrance area and passage. It will be of higher quality, the spaces will be much bigger and provide our visitors with more comfort. This location will match their expactions. Our crew is really excited about i tand we are looking forward to the reopening this spring.'

Door > Saskia Leeuwis

Op de foto: Sabine Loos

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