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Faralda Crane Hotel

  • NDSM-plein 78
    1033 WB Amsterdam

    Tel: 020 7606 161

  • Faralda Crane Hotel

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It’s a crane...a monumental harbor crane. In the top are three luxurious design suites and the studio for your Corporate & Music events. Premium brands distinguish themselves in high-end market segment.
Faralda Crane Hotel Faralda is there for the ideal location for:

• Team building
• Brand activities
• Press /Board room
• Meetings
• Product presentations
• Brain storm sessions
• Private parties
• Video conferencing
• (Live stream) music and TV recording
• Bungee / Rope Jump

Faralda Crane Hotel is by far the most Romantic and Inspiring place to stay. Faralda Crane Hotel is undoubtedly Amsterdam’s biggest unknown place. We love to keep it that way... We’re not a mainstream. Accessible for invites and guests only. Free Spirits, CEOs, world-leading DJs, famous models,artists, and many others found this secret spot. It’s a private building. Your stay will be a once in a lifetime experience.
The view from every space over Amsterdam and the harbor is breathtaking. The panorama elevator brings you straight into your suite.

Each suite is a huge 5 star luxurious designed cube with 2 floors. A beautifully decorated living and separate bedroom with king-size bed and a bath tube. There is a separate bathroom with a rain shower, a secluded toilet. On top of thecrane, you will find the heated spa pool. Especially at night time an amazing view at the Harbor with all its flickering lights. Choose the suite you like and ask for availability:
- Mystique
- Secret suite
- Free Spirit

The famous 50 Meters high landmark is based in the middle of the bustling NDSM former shipyard surrounded by the most popular bars and restaurants. Premium brands and world-leading DJs use the crane for their events. 

  • Faralda Crane Hotel

Specification Panoramic Lounge - TV studio
• Gross floor area GFA of the TV studio: about 60 M2
• Studio features a professional Dutchview TV studio lamp set
• Phenomenal view (3 large windows at an height of 15 meters)
• The TV Studio, a black box can be customized for every kind of recording /event
• Inside the studio is a design bar
• Capacity max. 71 persons
• 25.000 persons on NDSM terrain
• Approx. 25 persons for diner / lunch
• Catering available

The Crane can accommodate max. 71 people. There’s a bar with bar staff. There’s a basic light system and a professional DJ set for the best DJ’s we have.
• 2 Pioneer CDJ-2000 NXS2
• 1 Pioneer DJM-900 NXS2

According to the construction and angles the acoustic in the crane belongs to the best in the world:
• 5 Turbo Sound IQ10
• 2 Turbo Sound IQ-10-WB
• 1 Turbo sound IQ 15B Sub

Internet connection:
The TV Studio is perfect for all viral exposure. The crane has a fast glass cable connection with the possibility to convert HD format in the encoder. The (video) recording can be streamed worldwide.
• 50 Mbit internet connection and up
• The internet connection can be upgraded to 1 gigabyte (On request)
• All broadcasting studio features

Please contact for booking, more information, statistics, facts, studio sheet, consult, branding- activation, exposure, GRP, target range etc.

If you want to see the crane and all possibilities by yourself, please let us know and we’ll show you around.

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